How To Search through a Web Page on an iPad


I created this page for you and to put this someplace in case we needed to find it later.  If you want to look this page up later, use any browser (Safari for instance) and type the following in the address bar:

You said you couldn't search on an iPad like you can when you're on your laptop.  I use the same search tool and had the same problem.  When I'm browsing the net, I jump to what I'm looking for by holding down the Control Key and pressing the letter 'f' (<CTRL>F), then type what I'm looking for and press ENTER.  I couldn't find that feature on the iPad.

The Apple website says the Safari browser has a built-in tool to do the same thing.  I tried it out on Linda's iPad-mini. It worked for me the first time (see below) but didn't work later when I tried to search through her Facebook page.  Oh, well.  Here it is, anyway.  If you use a different browser from Safari, let me know.

Pull up the desired web page

Locate the address bar at the top of Safari browser.  Tap, highlighting the current address.

Input your search text on the popup keyboard.

Safari offers suggested websites.  Ignore them and select the one below "On This Page."

Safari jumps to the first instance of the text you're searching for.
Notice at the bottom of this window it says, "1 of 3 matches."
You can use the left "<" and right ">" arrows to jump to the next match.

For a printable copy of these instructions, CLICK HERE.