page last updated: 2015-01-01

How does Ron.V create web pages?

How do I create my web pages?  I start out by using Microsoft Windows Explorer (not internet explorer) to create a folder on my personal computer (PC).

I rename the folder whatever I please then create a .TXT file inside it called "New Text Document.txt"
I change the name of the text file to "index" and the extension to ".htm."
I open the file in KompoZer ver 0.7, a "What You See Is What You Get" (WYSIWYG) HTML editor.
I type what you're reading then save the file.

From there I open Filezilla ver 3.9 and upload the folder with index.htm inside it to my website.
Simple?  It was once even simpler but simpler doesn't give much control.

The first web pages I ever created were hard coded.  I created the .TXT file as above but typed the HTML code inside like you see in the example below this line.

Next, I renamed it "index.htm" and uploaded as above.  Either way works well but some people use a single program, such as Microsoft's Frontpage, or Adobe's Dreamweaver.  From there they can create and upload with the same software.  I could do the same but prefer to use the two different programs.  Each has features I like.

Today, with my 
WYSIWYG editor, I can create more complex code much faster.  I can copy, modify, and insert HTML that suits my needs (such as an inserted video from YouTube) without having to use Java or a more sophisticated programming language.  I don't need the complexity.  I try to keep it simple.

My pages don't view well on portable devices such as tablets and smart phones but it suits my needs.  I'm basically just trying to convey information like in an email but with the option to save the link and view it years later from any internet connection.  I've been doing this since about 1998 but only began purchasing my own domain names about 5 years ago (in 2007).