Ron V's New Postum Taste Test

Synopsis:  YES, Postum is being manufactured once again.  No, it does not taste exactly the same.  No, it is not available in stores yet
(except one that I know of).  No, it is not sold at the same price.  But it is a fair price and the taste is much like you remember.  Read on for details.

I grew up on Postum.  My dad drank it for a bad stomach.  When they stopped making Postum in 2007 I really missed the product's taste.

Coffee substitutes were not available in my area and too expensive on the internet for testing.  If you have the money, you can still buy an original 8 oz. jar of Postum on eBay for about $30.  Wow!  

We purchased the products pictured below while in Salt Lake City, Utah.  They are not based on wheat like Postum.  They are made from Barley, Chicory, and Rye.  I wanted the old Postum taste.

In 2011 my daughter-in-law gave me
an unopened jar of Postum I had given her several years previously.  Mmm, tastes like I remember.  Then I found where a new business purchased the old Postum Brand and is now making the product again.  I purchased 3 jars of the new product and decided to taste test it side-by-side with the old.

I carefully measured a kitchen teaspoon leveled with the back of a knife.

I did the same with the new product which looks slightly darker and courser than the original in the jar but you can hardly tell them apart in the spoon.

In the cup mixed with 2 rounded spoons of sugar they look similar.  The smell of the old product is much, much stronger.  The size of the jar is larger but doesn't hold any more.  They both contain 8 ounces.  Cost of the old product was around $5.00 where I lived.  Cost of the new product is $11.95 plus shipping.

The new product looked slightly more transparent when mixed with hot water.

When I added a dab of condensed milk, the old Postum was slightly darker and richer looking.

After tasting both, I detected a slightly sweeter taste for the new Postum.  It didn't taste quite as bold so I added a half rounded teaspoon.

Still not as bold, I added another level teaspoon.  Now it was darker than the original and had more flavor than the original but even more sweeter and with a faint chemical taste, not sure what that was.

SUMMARY:  Would I buy it again?  Yes.  Do I recommend it?  Yes, with qualifications.  The taste is not identical but very similar.  It is the most like the old Postum I've ever tasted.  I hope the developers are willing to modify their product over time to bring it even closer to the taste of the original.  They need to be given a chance.  I hope for their success since no one has ever come this close to the taste of the original product.  But what about the price?  Let's face it.  This is a limited market.  If we, as consumers, want this product bad enough, we'll be willing to pay the developers part of their cost for purchasing the brand name and for developing the product and packaging.  I wish them well and highly recommend them.  You can reach them by clicking the link below: