Face in a Chair?

How many times have we seen something weird like this?  We see faces, animals, or things
in clouds, in clothes thrown down, in leaves on a tree.

I threw a pullover shirt in a chair and laid down.  Nothing unusual there.
It looked like this when I tossed it in the chair ...

Here's what it looked like when I laid down.

... and when I turned off the light and there was nothing but room light.

Ah!  I could see in the shadows cast, the clear outline of a face.  It was an old man with a beard
and mustache.  The shadows fell in perfect place with respect to one another.  His eyes and nose
were distinct.  His head covering was clear as was where his beard outlined his cheek.  

But the folds of the cloth made the image look clearly less of an illustration and
more artistic.  This is what I saw.  So you tell me -- what do you see?

~ END ~