Bengal UltraDust 2X Fire Ant Killer

My brother was complaining about Fire Ants.  I told him about the stuff I use:  
Bengal UltraDust 2X Fire Ant Killer

The stuff has never failed me -- EVER!

The directions say you only need a small amount but I've found the stuff is more effective if I
lightly cover the top of the ant mound like in the photo below.  Looks a lot more than it is, but
it's really only lightly dusted all over the top.  Keep in mind that it kills by them taking it to their
queen.  That means the other ants are still living.  Often they'll move the mound elsewhere and
take the eggs with them but you won't see ants where you dusted ever again if done right.

As you can see, it was a large mound.  I wish I had taken a photo of it after I stirred up the ants.
They were all over the place, hundreds of them.  I usually stir the mound a little before dusting it.

Click the photo below for a video of me stirring up the ant bed just 2 days after an application.
Sorry the photo is blurry but you can see in the video there isn't an ant stirring anywhere.  All gone!

I get the stuff at the local hardware but I checked the net and it's available at some Lowe's Home Centers.
Here's the link:

They're asking $12.97 for a 24 oz. container.  These large sizes last me all season.

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